Reflection on how my ideas have changed

During my final weeks of this course I have reflected back upon my blog posts and experiences and how they changed over the course of the semester and why. I still stand by what was written in my first post in regards to the Digital Divide. Although Australia is becoming more connected to ICTs, the [...]

ICT in the real-life classroom

Last week I began my teaching placement and am now facing the challenge of using ICTs in a real classroom. I’ve only been using PowerPoint presentation as a warm up to using ICTs to enhance and transform learning. Next week I will be beginning to use iPads in small groups to enhance a Mathematics lesson [...]


This week I have finally joined the Learning Place, created my Linked in profile and began using my Twitter (see the right side widget to follow me J). Creating, joining or participating in a professional network is great for a few reasons: Allows teachers to take active ownership of their professional learning. Allows collection, collaboration [...]

Blended learning

When thinking about blended learning I automatically think of Webquest style learning where the student can work at their own pace within an individualised task. This is in line with the definition by the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) ‘the integrated combination of traditional learning with web-based online approaches’. So essentially it is in-class face [...]

The RAT framework

Week 2 RAT model The RAT Hughes (2006) model can be used to assist us as teachers in implementing ICTs into our teaching instruction, learning and curriculum. This allows  us to have a clear framework to ensure we are not merely replacing with ICT’s but enhancing learning or saving time using ICT’s or completely transforming [...]