Personal learning journey in ICT use

I have decided to take time out of work this week to dedicate time to understanding what kinds of ICTs are available. As I have had inadequate experience with ICTs I decided that this was necessary if I wanted to make the most out of incorporating them authentically into the classroom. Hearing Chris speak about the use of digital thermometers and using ICTs to build environmental friendly houses has scared me into realising how little I’ve seen of efficient and updated ICTs both in schools and across my workplace.  Upon reflection of this new information in combination with my hesitation of ‘unreliable’ ICTs it appears that maybe I just haven’t had the experience or been exposed to their full use or potential. Through this reflection I have realised that the first step to solving this is going to explore what the latest ICTs are that are available and how they’re being used not only in classroom learning but across workplaces. In doing so I am going to go further into the problem of ‘unreliability’ and hopefully find some workable solutions for the classroom and classroom pedagogy (for example students taking considerable time to sign into computers or ICTs not being available for use.)

I hope to report back some great links to programs being implemented in schools, research and a range of ICTs to use in schools 🙂


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