Some of my favourite ICTs

Having had some time to research the different uses of ICTs, I’ve complied a short list of some of my favourite ICTs I have been able to find that appear to be less mentioned.



Popplet can be accessed via web or application. This application if useful for students to record information and images, label and organise into flowcharts, mind maps or sequences in whichever way they please in order to connect and organise ideas.



A humorous tool for students to create a talking picture presentation. Students upload an image, frame the mouth for movement and record their voice or presentation. This creates an amusing talking creature with matching mouth movements for students to present their work, or for the teacher to present learning instructions.


Story bird

This application can be used by students to create a beautifully illustrated story with artwork created by site uses. Because of this, this site also doubles as an art platform for uses to showcase their work for others to use.



Aurasma is an augmented reality platform for students to either create auras (older students) or can be set up by the teacher for students to engage in learning in a different way. Students simply log into Aurasma on their device, which brings up a camera. As students hover the camera over certain aura points, the app is triggered into overlaying an image, a video clip or audio (or a mixture of all) on top of the real life background. This could be used in the classroom in many ways. This could be used as a way of providing further information on a topic, making an image come to life, providing clarification on how to solve a particular problem.


Popar toys

Similar to Aurasma, Popar toys allows you to purchase premade virtual reality products for students to use.


Featured image: “Augmented Reality” (CC BY 2.0) by turkletom


6 thoughts on “Some of my favourite ICTs

  1. Hi Sarah, I hope you don’t mind but I am writing a similar blog post on resources I can use while on prac and have included a link to this post. This is a great list of resources and I would really like to be able to look back at this again, hence why I have included a link to your post. Thanks Sara 😄


    1. Hi Sara, definitely share as much as you need to that’s what it’s there for 🙂 I’ll try and write another blog today related to more ICTs for use during prac dependent on resources available.


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