My use of ICTs (mind map)

New-Mind-Map (1)I really don’t use a lot of ICTs purely because of their unreliability. I own a phone and a Lenovo tablet ($99). Although I do use a computer for university its not my own and probably wouldn’t use one if it wasn’t for university purely because they keep dying or crashing on me forcing me lose all of my data and resources I’ve been saving for graduation. This raises an important question for further development, what ICTs would I own or use if I was trained properly in their full use and maintenance, and where can I get this training for free in my local area?

My next goal is to find some where that enables university students to do payment plans for purchasing laptops and iPads.

Wish me luck and please feel free to comment in response to ideas, thoughts and personal experiences with similar circumstances.



If the image is too small, you can also view it via this link.



2 thoughts on “My use of ICTs (mind map)

  1. Hi Sarah
    You have raised some good topics in this post! I have pondered about other ICT gadgets that I would like to explore, and also would like to have some training (free) that came with the device. I do often now that I have an improved internet service at home turn to tutorials and search with questions for guidance on device use. As well, cost of ICTs and an internet services is an issue especially when studying, it can certainly be another hurdle.

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  2. Apparently libraries offer technology courses for free or a minimal fee so that might be a good way to get started?

    You have made me think about my own technologies – I own a lot (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, xbox, playstation, security cameras hooked up to wifi and probably even more!) yet I only know the very basics and don’t use them to their full potential so maybe I am wasting money?

    In regards to the losing data, you could use something like dropbox or an online storage platform? I have considered this myself but I am always concerned about security – especially if it is family photos and the like?

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