This week I have finally joined the Learning Place, created my Linked in profile and began using my Twitter (see the right side widget to follow me J). Creating, joining or participating in a professional network is great for a few reasons:

  • Allows teachers to take active ownership of their professional learning.
  • Allows collection, collaboration and communication of new resources and ideas.
  • Acquiring new subject knowledge.
  • Developing professional identities(Trust, Krutka & Carpenter, 2016).
  • Job networking.

Eventually my goal is to network or create a network with mix of new preservice teachers (as a mentor and guide), peers to collaborate, and experts who can mentor me and teach me new things far beyond what I am yet capable of.

If anyone knows any great networking sites please feel free to comment and share!



Trust, T., Krutka, D., & Carpenter, J. (2016). “Together we are better”: Professional learning networks for teachers. Computers & Education102, 15-34.


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