ICT in the real-life classroom

Last week I began my teaching placement and am now facing the challenge of using ICTs in a real classroom. I’ve only been using PowerPoint presentation as a warm up to using ICTs to enhance and transform learning. Next week I will be beginning to use iPads in small groups to enhance a Mathematics lesson on introducing 3D shapes in everyday objects. So far I have not been able to find any free applications for iPads to enhance this lesson so this will mean using existing applications in new ways. Because of the limited time we have to plan lessons each night I aim to draw upon my learning over the course in order to find teaching blogs which have implemented ICTs into teaching this learning area in order to improve my own practice and use of ICTs.


2 thoughts on “ICT in the real-life classroom

  1. Hi there, Sarah,

    Hope you are enjoying your practicum. I am currently placed in prep in a small school. I am too facing the same problem as you do in the prac. I find it hard to embed ICTs in my lessons. However, keeping in mind that we are not purely focusing on embedding ICT, I make my lessons very interesting for kids. I use poms, stimulus resources, puppets and other resources to engage students. Also, find some ways to incorporate ICTs into the lessons. I found this website to be very helpful in planning and embedding ICTs in my lessons http://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/principals/spag/curriculum/Pages/techsupport.aspx. Hope this helps you a little bit. I have also put up some interesting things in my blog if you are keen to read https://wordpress.com/post/nazreenyoosuf.wordpress.com/219

    Good luck


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    1. Hi Nazreen,
      I love small schools, it’s so much easier to get to know everyone. I hope you’re enjoying yourself! I’ve been doing 3D shapes this week so I’ve found it easier to use hands on activities. I’ll take a look at this website thank you.


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